My Fall Favorites! Bellesa by Bethany Handbags

The season of fall fashion is here once again! Other than candles, hair products, and food, I love adding one of a kind accessories to my collection. You know the feeling when you enter Disney World, the butterflies in your stomach and the overwhelming surge excitement to try every ride! Just to name a few…. Anywho, what I’m about to show you exemplifies the creation of pure imagination I like to think of myself as a freelance archaeologist.  Trying new things, thinking about ways to document my experience, and most of all really appreciating moments is my goal for featuring different products.


Another fall favorite to add to my list of experiences is the Tapestry Bag from Bellesa By Bethany.This unique purse is made of durable cloth material so you can handwash the bag when unexpected accidents happen. Along, with a stylish buckle, to give you the vintage mail carrier look. The bag straps are universal, which is perfect for the busy college student and moms on the go. Honestly, this bag is by far the most comfortable bag that I’ve ever worn. I like to pack the most important things in my purses, but I don’t have enough room.

Thankfully, this will not be a problem anymore. P.S. No more indents in your shoulders from the purse straps anymore ladies. We are free!!!!!


Each fabric is stitched with love and made with you in mind:

photo credit:Bellesa By Bethany 

Simply the Best….

The Bellesa By Bethany -Tapestry Bag


To purchase a little piece of magic. Visit:

Here is my Fall Favorites of 2017 video featuring different fashion must-haves and lifestyle essentials:





It’s Fall Here at True Vivant


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Save Your Jewelry: Teething Bling®

Are you are a mother of a very active baby? Is your baby starting to teeth? Is your jewelry completely destroyed by now? Well, you have the opportunity to revive it, with just a couple of breaths and a whole new necklace equipt for the transformation of a teething baby. The Teething Bling is the Dr. Quinn for your precious pearls and the safe alternative in keeping whatever goes in your baby’s mouth harmless. Teething Bling has so many necklace styles for any occasion you might have, without making you feel like your identity is completely gone.

Here are some styles from Teething Bling®:

Teething Bling® Pink Gemstones

Teething Bling® is made from a medical-grade, chemical-free silicone and the necklaces come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety feature.

Teething Bling® Pink Gemstones Necklace:

  • Soft feel and texture

  • 100% non-toxic

  • Lightweight

  • Won’t get caught in your hair

  • Easy to clean

  • The ORIGINAL Teething Jewelry

The Pink Gemstones is perfect for a business/casual look without being so obvious of the natural purpose of the necklace. The material of the gemstones is very gentle for your growing baby and just by looking at the photo above, you can see how translucent the material is in the sun. Plus pink has always been a girl’s signature color.

Teething Bling® Turquoise Gemstones:

The Turquoise Gemstone Necklace is popping, so why not add it to your fall accessories. The unique necklace will still allow you to sell the show, without bringing harm to your baby. The gemstones look like authentic stones, and the necklace is lightweight and is ultimately the cutest necklace for you and will definitely make your baby undeniably happy.

As Seen On Steve Harvey, Recommended by Dr. Sears and Celebs Love Them!

What are you waiting for? Save your jewelry, keep your baby safe and visit: to see all of their new designs for your seasonal wear. Make sure to use the Coupon Code: (bling) at the checkout!



The Heart of Nature:Wildlands Artistry

Nature has many miles, trees, rivers, and creations in her. The beauty is you can dream about so many things and can go anywhere that you desire. This is how I see nature, I envision quiet rivers and still water, the fresh smell of flowers in the field. The opportunity to live in nature is the greatest blessing for me and the wear is around my neck is the even more magical. Welcome to my dream in the arms of nature.


The portrait of nature within this pendant is captivating. The reality of seeing a path in a pendant is magical, the love of nature struck me with an arrow in a forest of the fall rivers.




This stunning necklace is a one of a kind handmade pendant of one of an original

watercolor artworks.

~ Includes arrow charm
~ 25 mm Clear Glass Dome
~ 30 mm pendant
~ 24″ Chain is adjustable and includes a lobster claw clasp


The beauty of nature is a rewarding moment, but only to those who truly appreciate it. To see more of nature, eat with nature and wear nature. Visit: and experience nature anew. Tell them Danna sent you!





17 Delicious Cocktails You Should Make This Fall

3. Kahlua Pumpkin Scotchie

Kahlua Pumpkin Scotchie

Anna Schaber / Via

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6. Vanilla Vodka Chai Tea

Vanilla Vodka Chai Tea

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8. Pumpkin Cider Beertail

Pumpkin Cider Beertail

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9. Caramel Apple Cider Cocktail

Caramel Apple Cider Cocktail

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10. Vanilla Pear Cocktail

Vanilla Pear Cocktail

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11. Cranberry Cinnamon Whiskey Sour

Cranberry Cinnamon Whiskey Sour

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12. Spiced Apple Cider Margarita

Spiced Apple Cider Margarita

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16. Cinnamon Maple Bourbon Sour

Cinnamon Maple Bourbon Sour

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17. Cranberry Margaritas

Cranberry Margaritas
Make an awesome fall dinner party warm and toasty!!