Tofu For Breakfast Series: How To Make a Simple Yuve Shakes & Matcha Tea!

Summer is definitely making a statement when it comes to the blazing sun rays, hot breeze, and the need to bring gallons of water wherever you go is a necessity. Note: All of these examples has been tried by me. Moving on…. Yes, back to the main event and the secret to keeping me satisfied and alert during this exhausting summer conditions. The convenient shakes and tea packets from Yuve make every morning a stress-free experience, so you have more you time. Especially since I’m a full-time student and blogger, quick and easy ways that I can have a balanced diet, without spending hours in the kitchen is the game plan.


This is why I love sharing my best-kept secrets so everyone can find some peace and tranquility too.

Products Featured in my Tutorial Video:
Matcha Tea

Chocolate+Chia Seeds Packets


Here is my video tutorial featuring all of the products:

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What Every Mom Needs Series: The Ultimate Stretch Mark Cream

Becoming a mother for the first time is like opening a new book and you don’t even know how it will begin or if the ending will be pleasant. I guess this is what you call having faith in knowing that the unknown can be a ride worth taking. Well, this is easy to say, but when it comes to stretch marks and rashes during pregnancy, we all want to know the secret to fighting mother nature. Ok, maybe at some point we have to realize that mother nature will always win, but instead, let’s learn to love the process and just find natural remedies to making the process easier. The God’s Nectar Skincare company believes in making your experience heavenly using natural ingredients in the process.


Organic New Mom MATERNITY Belly Butter

The organic belly butter is like the creme brulee for erasing the itchy and irritating side effects that come with dealing with stretch marks. Ok, to be honest, I’m not a mom yet, but that doesn’t mean that I’m immune from having stretch marks. This is my confession and I hope you will be joining me on my Youtube channel as I create natural recipes for premature stretchmarks. Back to the Belly Butter, the consistency is not too thick, instead, it’s easy to apply and doesn’t feel like a paste. I love the light fragrance and the hint of essential oils which add an aromatherapy effect.


As you know, I am a childbirth educator and speak with many moms about stretchmarks and natural remedies, so this belly butter is at the top of my list for Best Products & Favorite Tips for 2017 Mamas.

Ingredients:Linum usitatissmum (flax seed) oil, * Olea europea (extra virgin olive) oil, * Helianthus annuus (sunflower seed) oil, * Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) hydrosol water, * Aloe Barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, * beeswax, * Theobroma cacao (Cocoa) butter, L-Carnitine (amino acid), vitamin E acetate, Papaya,(and) ^ leuconostoc. derived from radishes)
(*) denotes a certified organic ingredient. (^) denotes a Ecocert approved ingredient.

Contains: Nutritious, oleocanthol & phenolic,antioxidant oils, calcium, magnesium, rose hips, vitamin E, Omega Oils, Vitamin K, oleic acids, d-limonene, argan oil, essential oils


To get an up close shot of the Belly Butter, take a look at my video demonstration:


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Here are some helpful tips for achieving the best results using this Belly Butter Creme:

This natural product is cruelty-free and contains only natural, healthy ingredients. There are no sulfates, no parabens, no petroleum, disodium EDTA, no artificial colors, no phosphates, no silicone, no gluten and no harmful preservatives.


If you are postpartum, there are fabulous essential oils available for stretch marks. Neroli and Rose Hips are the best of them. If you’d like one added, please choose one in the menu or choose none.

If in the first trimester or if you do not want either, choose no essential oils.

If you are presently pregnant, I suggest leaving unscented, although it is claimed that neroli and rose hips is safe after the first trimester.

The best oils available for stretch marks, according to the latest research, are used in my belly butter. The beeswax seals them in! The essential oils that can be used in this product are fabulous and experts say are important in the reduction of stretch marks.They are neroli or rose hips. The Neroli helps regenerate skin cells. It is very lightly scented and smells a bit like bitter citrus. Rose Hips is loaded with Vitamin C and creates more collagen from your body’s chemistry. The choice is yours.
More about Essential Oils:

When the collagen and elastin in your skin tear, it forms scars known as stretch marks. Many factors and conditions can cause the marks to form, including weight gain and pregnancy. Although many doctors assert that genetics play a big role in whether or not you develop stretch marks, there is also a range of products available to help fight their formation, including rosehip oil, or rosehip seed oil as it’s also known.

To me, it smells like a bitter orange. However, the properties in it are said to be the best defense against stretch marks and preventing them. It assists in regenerating skin cells that are stretched during pregnancy.
More about Stretch Marks:

Your skin is composed of elastin which can be thought of as a soft elastic tissue. It is soft, supple and stretchable but it too has its own limits. Some situations exert extra pressure on your skin such as sudden weight gain or loss, pregnancy and even rapid growth of your body during teenage years. Sometimes while exercising too, you stretch your body out of its limits. In such situations, you get those thick red or purple lines on your skin which is popularly known as stretch marks. Gradually these lines do fade away and become white or silvery white in color but they don’t go away on their own. You have to put efforts to remove these stretch marks.

Natural oils are excellent emollients and they have these capabilities to treat all scalp and hair problems as also skin issues including stretch marks. I have researched and identified the right type of oils for the very purpose. You should ideally gently massage your skin’s stretch marks with oil or cream for about half an hour daily. However, just applying oils or creams to the marks (something near to soaking them in oil) can also do wonders. If doing so, you need to apply cream or oil for about three to four times a day. The ingredients I use, with all their antioxidant properties and loads of nutrients, are considered the best oils to use in my cream for removing stretch marks.
Follow these simple ways which are highlighted below to remove, prevent and fade the stretch marks.
1. Drink water of at least 10 glasses of water or more in a day which results in regular detoxification of skin pores and restores elasticity to get rid of the stretch marks. Drink a lot of water will also help to maintain your skin smooth, soft and clear which in turns helps to have problem free skin.
2. Try to avoid coffee, tea & other beverages which cause dehydration and thereby easily forming stretch marks.
3. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetable to get the essential nutrients, proteins and minerals, zinc, vitamins like A, C, D and E such as carrots, sweet potatoes, citrus fruits, milk, eggs, fishes, nuts, meats, fiber-rich foods, dairy products, avocados, sunflower seeds, blueberries, etc.
4. Regularly watch your calories to avoid rapid weight gain or loss which is the main cause for the stretch marks. Follow the diet which suits to maintain the perfect diet.
5. Make sure to lose your weight normally but not suddenly and also avoid the sudden increase in your diet. Have perfect diet plan to avoid this stretch marks.
6. You can also use the combination of oils like orange oil in vitamin E, coconut oil with cocoa and shea butter in vitamin E oil, coconut oil with olive oil, etc. for additional benefits to prevent this problem.
7. Dry brushing onto the dry skin where the stretch marks  can be found will exfoliate the skin by opening the pores and removing the dead cells and dirt. It stimulates the circulation and helps to mobilize fats and eliminates toxins.
8. Regular, moderate exercise will help to maintain constant weight which in turn a cause for stretch marks.
9. Use grapefruit extract like lotion or oil to apply on the stretch marks by gently massaging on it. This will increase the blood circulation and also collagen flow to get rid of the stretch marks.
10. Always try to keep your skin well moisturized which in turn helps to prevent the stretch marks and also lessen the visible of appeared one.
11. Remember that not to scratch the area where you found the stretch marks as it makes the situation worse.
• Apply this cream to your stretch marks 3-4 times daily.
• Massage in thoroughly
Exfoliating with a sugar scrub before using this is an excellent idea. See scrubs in my “Skin Pampering” secti
The ingredients in this formulation are completely pure and natural (97% organic), which will appeal to a wide variety of customers seeking an ingredient list that is understandable. Packed with nourishing omega-3 enriched oil, non-alcoholic witch hazel for toning benefits, aloe for soothing, and L-Carnitine which is a naturally occurring amino acid that significantly increases the hydration level when applied topically.  Lightly preserved with naturally derived leuconostoc – which is commonly called Leucidal or radish root ferment, this preservative is EcoCert approved for certified organic formulations.

97% organic and made with love!




Vital Nutrients for True Living: Sun Warrior Review

What does health mean to you? The definition of the word “Health” means :the state of being free from illness or injury. To be honest, making the decision of  living a healthier lifestyle is not easy as it seem. Most of us don’t have the luxury of affording a healthy lifestyle, let alone enjoying the interesting flavors of plant based living. I have asked these same question to myself too, will I be able to afford this new lifestyle, along with finding delicious alternatives. Here is a little story of how I found my answers.  One night, after a long day of trying to make all of my classes, I noticed a difference in my appetite.

In fact, I hardly want to eat anything, if you’ve been following my blog, you will see that my diet has gone from poultry to tofu. *Just a Tip: Depending on your grocery store, tofu is an inexpensive way of transitioning from eating meat. This was my first step to becoming a vegan, but I still needed help with boosting my energy and satisfying my hunger on a daily basis. Thankfully my new friends at Sun Warrior guided me to a plant based lifestyle, without the stress of experimenting by myself. Let me tell you, I have tried so many protein products and instead of satisfying my appetite, I ruined it!  Well enough of my sad story, here is my new plant based road map  thanks to Sun Warrior.



Products Featured:
Sol Good Protein Bar:Salted Caramel
Classic Chocolate Shake- Sample
Classic Vanilla Shake- Sample
Warrior Blend Mocha- Sample
Immune Shield-Sample Packet


Sol Good Protein Bar:Salted Caramel

The first soldier on the battlefield  is the Sol Good Protein Bar! Honestly, this protein bar taste like a salted caramel candy, while still offering nutritional benefits.  I’ve tried protein bars  in the passed, but the flavors were terrible, the only ingredient that stood out was the protein powder. Those past experiences left a bad taste in mouth, but the Sol Good Protein Bar changed my mind. The chewy caramel texture and grated sea salt made my snack time, dessert time instead. Besides the delicious flavor, this bar also satisfies my hunger and keeps me full for a good hour.

Here is the Nutrition Facts for the  Sol Good Protein Bar:

Nutritional Information


Classic Chocolate Shake- Sample

My nickname for the Classic Chocolate Shake is “Cold Cocoa”. In the video below, I will be talking about my personal chocolatier moment. Moving on, the chocolate shake is my favorite other than the Mocha flavor. The smooth texture almost made me forget that I was even drinking a shake, and the natural sweeteners made this experience effortless.  Here is what I say ” If the shake is hard to enjoy, find another alternative”.  This is my number 1# Recommendation in the Classic Plus Collection.

Here is the Nutrition Facts for the  Classic Chocolate Shake:

Nutritional Information.


Classic Vanilla Shake- Sample

We’re almost halfway through the Tour de Classic Plus! So far you’ve got gist of how plant based living can be flavorful, instead of the bland protein powder taste. The Classic Vanilla is the definition of  organic nutrients, because of the rich taste of fresh vanilla bean. Usually if you’ve tried vanilla shakes, there is a visible protein dust or some substance that makes the drinking process a nightmare. Honestly, this has been the story of my life with other vanilla shakes. If your a lover of vanilla, then this is your match. Be sure to watch the video below to hear my commentary about the Classic Vanilla Shake.


Here is the Nutrition Facts for the Classic Vanilla Shake:

Nutritional Information



Warrior Blend Mocha Shake- Sample

Without a doubt the best shake in this whole review. You will hear my full review in the video, because I will be in the kitchen making the actual shake. Are you a student, working mom, vegan, fitness goer, or adventurer? Sun Warrior Products are convenient to accompany you on your journey, because they understand your busy schedule.

Here is the Nutrition Facts for the Warrior Blend Mocha Shake:

Nutritional Information


Immune Shield-Sample Packet

The season for itchy eyes, dry throats, and sneezing is here,  SPRING! Sun Warrior doesn’t only create products for the purpose of fitness and hunger satisfying, but they also support the window to our bodies overall health, which is the immune system. The Immune Shield is a clear liquid that doesn’t have a flavor, and you can mix it with your  favorite juice. Natural silver is the reason why I haven’t been sick for 3 an a half years now, especially since I have a breathing difficulties due to my asthma. These natural remedies helps me to be my best and I hope you will share in these benefits too.

Here is the Nutrition Facts for the Immune Shield:

Nutritional Information

Here is my video tutorial for Sun Warrior’s Shakes and Protein Bar:

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Protein Cookies for Everyday Vegans Review: Lenny and Larry’s!

Being healthy is not always simple, especially when we are constantly surrounded by candy bars and cookies. In my passed articles, I have expressed my love for sweets, but recently I made a conscious decision to  finding better ways of enjoying sweet treats without going overboard. Plus, these treats that I’m about to show you are vegan, kosher, and satisfies your hunger. I’m talking about the champion, the complete cookie, dare I say it.. Lenny Larry’s Cookies! These vegan cookies are the biggest cookies that I have ever seen.

Honestly, I thought the taste was going to be horrible, to my surprise within 7 day all of the cookies disappeared. SERIOUSLY! I allowed my siblings to sample the cookies, but that was a bad mistake. I literally had to hide the last two cookies in order to do a review video. I used my siblings taste buds, because we all have different taste preferences and how can you know if something works, if you don’t have a test group. Below is a long list of cookies and a fun Youtube of me!



Products Featured:

1.Chocolate Chip
2.White Chocolate Macadamia
3.Peanut Butter
4. Oatmeal Raisin
5. Snickerdoodle
6.Lemon Poppy Seed
7. Birthday Cake
8. Double Chocolate
9.Pumpkin Spice




1.Chocolate Chip

First things first, the classic chocolate chip cookie! The chocolate chip I would give it a 7 on my the flavor radar. Normally this is not my favorite flavor, but I love the light texture of the cookie and the actual chocolate chips added a fresh baked taste. This cookie made me fall in love with chocolate chip, but there are still more flavors to go.



2.White Chocolate Macadamia

The White Chocolate Macadamia was very interesting. I say this because it’s very hard to make macadamia cookie health. The white chocolate chips was amazing, but the actual cookie didn’t have enough flavor. Perhaps, they could have added some more vanilla to really give it that extra kick. Overall, I enjoyed the cookie despite the bland flavor. Then again, you might find this cookie outstanding.  You be the judge!



3.Peanut Butter

I’m in HEAVEN!!!!! I love this Peanut Butter cookie, the mini peanut bites had a nice crunch. You will see my full thoughts about this cookie in the video, so I really want to keep my mouth shut.

Moving On…


4. Oatmeal Raisin

The oatmeal cookie is my breakfast on the go fix. The real oats and raisins makes me feel like, I’m having a nice bowl of oatmeal with hint of dried fruit. P.S. If you don’t like to taste large chucks of oats in your cookies, then this is the match for you. The fresh essence of cinnamon really creates a bakery fresh element. My flavor ranking is a whopping 9!


5. Snickerdoodle

The cozy night and a movie type of cookie. The sweet sugar and cinnamon combination gives makes everything feel like Christmas all over again. The exterior of the cookie is covered with sugar and cinnamon, while the  interior is soft. If your a college student feeling home sick, I would definitely recommend this warm treat. P.S. Try this with vanilla ice cream, it’s the bomb!!!!!


6.Lemon Poppy Seed

This cookie is like having spring right in your mouth. The Lemon Poppy Seed cookie is very refreshing and the poppy seeds are small so you can hardly taste. I find that the lemon essence is not offensive and the combination of the seeds didn’t overwhelm each other. This is the flagship for spring desserts on my book. Flavor ranking is 10!



7. Birthday Cake

The Celebration has just begun! I received two of these cookies and let’s just say both of them was eaten in one day. Ok, I’m not greedy! My older brother ate one and the second one came to me. Moving on, the birthday cake cookie really felt like I was eating cake. Honestly Lenny Larry’s  mastered this flavor and I am so in love. The texture is soft and the sprinkles is like the cherry on the ice cream. By the way, crumbling this on top on ice cream is magical.



8. Double Chocolate


The Double Chocolate is so much better than the chocolate chip cookie  in my opinion.  The actual cookie is DELICIOUS! The texture is moist, the crust has a crunch and the chocolate chips melts in your mouth instantly. This is my sister’s 1# pick out of all the cookies. She loving chocolate chip instead of dark chocolate, so this was a shocker to me that she ate the whole cookie. You wouldn’t be disappointed!
9.Pumpkin Spice

The final cookie! The Pumpkin Spice is like having autumn in the spring time literally! I love the pumpkin essence and the soft texture when I took my first bite. To be honest, these cookies don’t taste like protein cookies at all! I have tried protein treats in the passed and I noticed the artificial ingredients in each bite. Thankfully, Lenny Larry’s makes being healthy delicious and combining some of our favorite flavors together with protein components is a bonus.



Here is my video review and my thoughts about the Peanut Butter Cookie:




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Spring Time Forecast: Natural Cures for the Common Cold

Well it’s finally here, the great yellow cloud of pollen. Dare I say it, Spring has finally begun! Honestly, spring is beautiful, but the side effects that comes along with it can be aggravating. Thankfully, the healing herbs from the very ground that we occupy on a daily, can bless us with vital  medicines that you can’t buy in a drug store. I took so long to share these tea leaves with you, because I wanted to see if these teas helped my allergies or throat issues. F. Y. I. My itchy throat symptoms is derived from the changes in air temperature.

You know how it is when the air switches from hot to cold in a bipolar rhythm. Here at True Vivant, I like to share health tips and remedies that I use to keep me run on a full engine. Below is my written and video review sharing the benefits of each tea the Full Leaf Company sent to me.



Products Featured:
Organic Throat Clarity-Leaves
Organic Vita Me Tea-Leaves
Organic Immunity Blend-Leaves
Organic Detox Tea -Leaves
*Disposable Tea Bags




Let’s get the water boiled and start steeping!


1.Organic Throat Clarity-Leaves

Magic hidden in a steel tin. Before we begin our review, I would first like to say that out of all the tea samplers, the organic throat clarity is my favorite. Ok, maybe I’m just being biased, because of my dry throat and the tea is for throat clarity. At first, I did have some reservation regarding the taste. Let’s be honest, usually herbal teas doesn’t always have pleasant flavors.

Moving on, the actual description regarding the organic throat clarity tea is accurate. The first herbal essence that I noticed was the chamomile and the peppermint. Naturally chamomile has a very smooth and cozy taste, while the peppermint releases an euphoric cooling menthol’s that eases aches of a sore throat.


Organic Throat Clarity– via full leaf tea company. This tea is specifically formulated to help soothe sore throats. Its combination of natural ingredients work together to help alleviate pain and fight infection. Cloves, ginger, and chamomile give this blend its cozy, warm taste while peppermint provides its refreshing and smooth flavor.

Approximately 5-7 servings per tin.




Organic Vita Me Tea-Leaves


The Vita Me Tea Blend is the multi-purpose remedy that will satisfy your needs so you can be your best. The dried berries in the tea leaves adds a fruity element to the tea, which explains why this is  multi-purpose! So I decided to experiment and after brewing this tea in hot water, I added ice cubes. This was convenient since I don’t like to drink  processed juice’s with artificial sweeteners. So guys, let’s just say your studying or chasing after kids, you can have a cool summer drink that is calorie free and healthy.

Organic Vita Me Tea  – via full leaf tea company. Full of antioxidant rich ingredients, this caffeine free blend will keep you satisfied and healthy all day long. Vita Me was handcrafted by our artisan blenders to have a refreshing tart berry flavor that is great hot or iced.



The secret to  preventing the symptoms of a cold virus that may challenge your body is proper immune support. I will talk about my personal experience  in the video below regarding this tea. Regarding the flavor of the tea, I would give it an 8 our of 10. Every since I was a little girl, I drank echinacea tea to prepare my immune system and this habit has stayed with me every since. I have not been sick in 3 an half years now. Thank God!

Organic Immunity Blend – via full leaf tea company.Fight back against cold season! Our Immunity Blend is full of natural ingredients that help prevent sickness and aid in relieving symptoms. Immunity has a smooth, sweet taste mixed with a slight tartness.


The Last of the Leaves!

Now, before I talk about this detox tea, I would first like to stress the importance of  speaking with your doctor about Detox Teas, before utilizing these natural herbs. One word to describe this Detox Tea would be “WinSpring”. A.K.A. Winter and Spring mixed together. The minty flavor and the hints of lemon makes this tea refreshing and enhanced my energy after the first cup.

Organic Detox Tea – via full leaf tea company.This delicious blend has a minty flavor with a slight hint of lemon. It is specially formulated to optimize health, with a perfect balance of detoxification and healing this tea will make you feel invigorated and renewed!


Here is my review video and time special using Full Leaf Tea Company:


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