My Fall Favorites! It’s Giveaway Tuesday

The Gold and silver rhinestone cross rosary. This necklace is color neutral and can be warm in any season. The Gold and silver rhinestone cross necklace is not too heavy and shines bright in the sun. P.S. You don’t need to wear much jewelry with this statement piece.

Find more priceless gems to make your fall fashion out of the world amazing:


Here is my last video for Curlee Birdees in my Jewelry Favorites:

I hope you enjoyed my My Fall Favorites 2017| Fashion & Lifestyle Essentials You NEED!! video!? All of the products in this video will be featured on my blog in article segments. But, don’t be sad, you will be seeing me and work all of these pieces in more videos to come.



Giveaway Question:

What makes fall so magical to you?

How will you add a touch of fall to your fashion?

What’s the most important thing in the world to you?


These questions are thought-provoking, but we love to build relationships here at True Vivant.


Here is my fall favorites video featuring more fashion & lifestyle essentials you need now:





Budget Meets Fabulous: Aromatherapy Jewelry!!!

Welcome back to our Budget Meets Fabulous series! In this series, I love to talk about affordable one of a kind products that will my burn a whole in your pocket. The product we featured in our last post, was a pair a double hooped  earrings, but this time the priceless gem on our radar is Versatile Cage style Locket for Aromatherapy. This genuine locket necklace is more than just a fashion accessory. The intricate detail on the locket is proof enough that this clearly a spiritual necklace that will  not only brings peace, but comfort. This Cage style necklace is under 20 dollars!! Just by looking at it you would swear it was 30 dollars. Let’s get started!


Here is a photo of the actual necklace:



Here is a video of me show you the necklace in real time:


Here is a  Description of the Necklace: Versatile Cage style Locket for Aromatherapy OR Musical Angel Caller /

A small oval, silver or antique-silver finish, flower filigree locket, known in China as a “Magic Music Box” and in Mexico, known as a “Harmony Bola” or “Angel Caller.” This oval pendant is approximately 1/2 inch x 3/4 inch with a 12mm inside dimension. It is made of copper/brass with a silver coating. It comes with a black lava stone bead for essential oils. You choose the color of pearl it hangs from.

– To use for aromatherapy, place a drop of essential oil on the included lava stone bead and put it in the locket. The oils diffuse over time, giving you a gentle aromatic experience as the volatile elements of the oil are slowly released through the openings in the design of the locket.

– When used with a harmony ball, a musical, chiming sound is made when you move. When worn during pregnancy, the ball housed inside the locket makes a gentle chiming sound when the woman moves, soothing the baby. Many women enjoy wearing the locket with the harmony ball when not pregnant – the sound is very soothing and enjoyable.

Look for harmony chime balls under “Extras.” THIS LOCKET WILL ONLY FIT THE 12MM SIZE BALL (Please note that due to the small size of this chime ball, it does not make a lot of sound)

These lockets can also be used as prayer or wish boxes. Just write your prayer or wish on a small piece of paper and tuck it into the locket to carry close to your heart.

This locket is also available without a pearl in a separate listing:


To purchase  more of these products visit : to purchase more of  these enchanting jewelry pieces.





The Virgin Islands Bracelet: Johnny Jeweler of St.Croix

The story of the brilliant fire is the story of how a simple silver metal can take the form of a country. When you think of different continents and islands, you think of culture and the story behind every tall tale passed down through generations. I have little memory of my home country in the United States Virgin Islands, but I remember the alluring smell of spices in the markets. The warmth of the ocean water and the footprints in the sand that stays forever. Once it is covered by the waters of the sea, these memories are forever engraved in my mind. As people grow up, we tend to forget, don’t we?

 Johnny Jewelers is the company that keeps the name of the Virgin Islands burning, like a never-ending flame. The official symbol of the Virgin Islands will not be forgotten, like footprints in the sand because it is forever engraved in metal.

The Virgin Islands Bracelet:

This adult size V.I. Bracelet reflects the pride of our ancestors before us. The stronghold of the clasp represents unity. Unity is something that should never be forgotten. The intricate detail of the V.I. symbol is a replica of a ship with an anchor keeping everything steady. The bracelet is sterling silver. The material is very strong and durable. If this bracelet is cared for, you could probably have it for years and pass on to someone special.

The bracelet is a size 8 in wrist. The translucency in the bracelet reminds me of a mirror. If you were to place it in the sun, you will be able to see it’s true beauty. As women, we are always known for shopping or buying things in abundance. The one of a kind pieces from Johnny Jewelers are rare. The rare gems that is made brings the culture of the islands to you. Johnny Jewelers also specializes in diamond jewelry, gold gems, fine silver, perfumes, and watches.

The most beautiful thing is being able to hold the symbol of the V.I. with this bracelet. This precious bracelet reminds me that even if the world is filled with natural disasters, hatred, and lack of love, you can always find love and hope, whether through others or simple reflections of it.

The story of the brilliant fire does not stop by me wearing the bracelet. Instead, it continues by me telling you the story. The season of harvest and celebration is upon us. You don’t have to be in the Islands to receive priceless gems like this. You can view all of Johnny Jewelers new creations on their Facebook page:  and you can inquire if you can receive your jewelry in the mail.

Also, if you’re ever in the Virgin Islands, you can see the true brilliance of Johnny Jewelers in person, at Bay-12, Unites Shopping Plaza, St. Croix, USVI-00820

Discover your own story and embrace the tales of the past, for in them lies the revelation to our lives. Some gifts can be simple or large, but others can last a lifetime. The story of the brilliant fire is the reflection of history, love, and priceless memories. Johnny Jewelers thanks you in advance for your patronage!



Accessory of Nature: Fierce Deer

Nature a word so simple yet still carries a lot of weight. The elements of nature remind us that we are unique, different and somehow the same. We are the same because we share the same air, we have dreams of a world where nature can be our greatest teacher. So let’s celebrate nature in every aspect of our lives, preferably through jewelry.Thanks to our friends at Fierce Deer, they bring to life the creatures of nature and friendship. Their jewelry tells a story in the most beautiful way possible.


Here is a glimpse of their handy work: Light the Fire Necklace


Super unique and fierce, this necklace is a perfect statement piece. Composed of citrine quartz, hematite, and vintage brass, it has depth,dimension, and flavor. It comes beautifully wrapped, ready for gifting!

The entire pendant measures approx. 2 inches and are suspended on a 18 inch chain. If you prefer a different length just let us know!

All FD jewelry is lead and nickel free. Many of our pieces are made from vintage and antique components found at auctions, garage sales, second-hand stores, grandma’s attics, and other unique places in the world!

If you would like to customize this piece in some way they would LOVE to accommodate you! Longer? Shorter? Different material? Add another charm? Add a stone? Add some sparkle?

I hope you enjoyed our adventure into the woods? The fun doesn’t stop here! Visiting FierceDeer-shop to unlock a hidden secret that is waiting for you to discover.




Custom Eloquence: Alissa B Custom Jewelry

The season of all things jewelry is here! The weather is no longer cold or filled with pollen, the pools are open, tank tops are out, and the jewelry wearing will be dynamic. The jewelry from Alissa B Custom Jewelry is anything, but average. My experience of happiness and beauty happened with one bracelet and the captivating glare of the sunlight. Experience the story out loud.


The Gift of Beauty




Unlocking a hidden treasure with genuine Turquoise nugget beads, and the coconut shell of divinity.




Whenever the bracelet is worn the light shines brighter than before. The body of nature encompasses the nature of the power of the healing stone.





The story does not end with the bracelet being worn or even the beauty of it, the meaning of the bracelet or any other jewelry piece is you.



Build your story and discover the hidden treasure inside by visiting: and make your year customized to your journey. You can also use the coupon code: ABVIVANT and save 15% .


You can also follow Alissa B Custom Jewelry on:




Fun Facts about Turquoise:

Turquoise: A purification stone, dispels negative energy and protects against neg influences and pollutants. Excellent for depression and exhaustion. It’s also a symbol of friendship.
Turquoise also aids in the absorption of nutrients, enhances the immune system, and overall body healing by detoxifying, and alleviates cramps and pain. Purifies lungs, and so much more!