Everyday is Mothers Day Gift Ideas: Gemsicles & Pearls

The tour still continues and now that we’ve gotten the beauty preparations out of the way, it’s time to move down the fashion lane. What if you were to combine your birthstone with crystals? Or, what if you had an old family heirloom that you wanted to rock on your wedding day? The two ladies that I know can make anything into your most memorable gift, is located in the great blue seas of gemsicles. The creators of Gemsicles Kim and Abby incorporate flowers, nature, crystals, gemstones and all things sparkly and pretty in our pieces.


Here is a glimpse of my White Opal Earrings:

Swarovski® Crystal Rhinestones: 8mm White Opal chaton crystals
Size: 1-1/8 inch long

Plating: Gold

The earrings is light weight and dainty for the most sophisticated moments and when you the inner boss in you has to shine. Gemsicles prides themselves in making memorable and timeless pieces that will not only make the coronations in your life magical, but will leave your heart full of everlasting joy.

The perfect hair accessory a freshwater pearl inside a limpet shell, holds any hair in place without taking away from your natural beauty.


Here is a video showing off my exciting spring day, while I rock my Gemsicles earrings and hair accessory:

To purchase more of these products from their “Crystal Statement Pieces” using the coupon code GEM10 to save 10%! visit:https://www.etsy.com/shop/Gemsicles to see and purchase beauty staple pieces for the spring and summer.





Everyday is Mothers Day Gift Ideas: Shop Green Joy

The season of celebrating mothers worldwide may be over, but why do we need a holiday when Mother’s Day is everyday! Yes indeed, here at True Vivant, we will be celebrating Mother’s Day until June 4th. My initial plan was to make May the official month, so it looks like June will make it’s home on my blog. Moving on, I am here to give you the best hidden skincare and health secrets that I’ve recently discovered over the whole month of April and May. This is going to be a long list of goodies, so you better get a plain sheet of paper and a good pen, because you wouldn’t want to miss anything.


Our first stop on our Tour De Vivant is Shop Green Joy!!! Seriously mama’s this shop has everything from Skincare products, lip care and personal decor to make your mom cave a Queen’s Paradise.

Here we go!

P.S. The Snowflake Gift Soap is personal favorite!! This soap lathers and has a very light scent. If you love lavender or rosehip essential oils infused in your bar soaps, then you will love this snowflake gift soap.

*All of the products in the post are samples.

1. Shea Balm

The first on our list is a Natural Shea Balm. If you’ve been following my blog, you will know that I’m completely in love with Shea Butter. Lucky, this shea balm from Shop Green Joy is very smooth and based on the smell, I believe it has a hint of citrus oils. The texture doesn’t have any lumps like normal shea butter, so during the application process, I don’t think you will have any problems.


2.Chocolate Balm

The Chocolate Balm is a semi thick lip balm that glides on very easy. You will see me use this sample in the video below. The sweet scent of chocolate and cocoa butter is a unique combination that I didn’t know would make a great mixture, but this is hands down my favorite product. This product is natural and takes only 3 seconds to evaporate within your skin. SIMPLY DELICIOUS!

Contains natural ingredients of chocolate (cocoa butter and cocoa mass) and bee products, without preservatives and dyes, safe for children.


3.Soft Soap Lavender Jam Soap Beldi

The lavender jam soap is one word “Convenient”. Just one swipe on my washcloth and I was out of the shower in 2 minutes. Ok, I normally like to take longer showers, but making doctors appointments or running out to the grocery store requires a thick soap that will cover every area code. If you’re a mom on the go this will be your new best friend. Believe me!


4.Herbal Face Toner

Other than the Lavender Jam, the herbal face toner is like having dozens of herbs and essential oils in one spray bottle. After you enjoy a luxurious bath, simply spray the herbal toner all over you face and body and enjoy your day. You can even use this spray for your body acne just so you know!


5.Ubtan Ayurvedic

The perfect 1 minute spa treatment, before the kids and the hubby wakes up. Perfectly cleanses, exfoliates and tones the skin without stripping the skin of it natural oils. All of the ingredients are natural and will truly give you ageless skin. Yes, I know I’m young, but there is not better time to start naturally preserving the skin while it’s still youthful.

Ingredients: moroccan volcanic clay – ghassoulite, elite yellow clay, carob powder, natural spices: turmeric, cinnamon, clove, ginger, ayurvedic herb – bringaradj, amla powder.

How to use:

-Dilute with water;
-apply the paste on the face and body;
– let it dry;
-wash off in the shower.

You can use a special massage or loofah to enhance exfoliation.


6.Soap Nut Shampoo

In my last post, I talked about shampoo bars and it’s nutritional properties.  So I guess were back at it again! The soap nut shampoo is infused with natural oils that will keep your skin feeling refreshed during this dry and hot summer weather. It has a somewhat earthy scent, infused with geranium essential oil. A.K.A. Rose Oil.

Materials: organic oils, sodium hydroxide, powder soap nut


7.Ayurvedic Shampoo Shikakay Babassu

The finally little piece of heaven is the Ayurvedic Shampoo Shikakay Babassu! The bar shampoo is moisturizing and really made my hair feel healthy. To be honest, since I have natural hair, shampoo bars makes load light when it comes to really washing my hair without having to spend almost 5 minutes. Defiantly is a must try!

Ingredients: powdered beans shikakay; Moroccan volcanic clay-ghassoulite, carob, babassu oil; lactic acid; complex of fruit acids, cinnamon, essential oil of cinnamon leaves, detergents from coconut oil.

Here is a video of me demonstrating the benefits of each product:

To purchase more of these products visit : ShopGreenJoy for more Mother’s Day Gift Idea’s.




Sounds of Life: Baby Doppler

Having a baby is one of the most beautiful moments of your life. The feeling of having another human being inside of you will truly bring a sense of joy and accomplishment. How about hearing your baby’s heart beat for the first time? The company called Baby Doppler, has truly changed my life for the better. The pocket sized fetal heart rate doppler is so easy to use, and the experience of hearing your baby’s heartbeat is heart-warming. As some of you may know, that I am a childbirth educator student, so I had a local Midwife try out the doppler on my behalf while I witnessed the miracle of life.
The sound texture of this fetal doppler was loud and clear. With a built-in backlit LCD screen it was very easy to see the fetal heart rate in beats per minute. As I watched the Midwife maneuver the probe back and forth, in a slow but steady rhythm, I quickly grasped the concept of how to use the fetal doppler and in no time was able to do it myself.

The BabyDoppler.com Experience



Featured Products:

The Sonoline B Fetal Doppler

Sample Ultrasound Gel





Sonoline B Fetal Doppler: The doppler arrived with batteries, 3MHz doppler probe, manual and a small bottle of ultrasound transmission gel in the box. The sound quality is amazing and the
doppler has a headphone jack with volume control.





Sample Ultrasound Gel: If you don’t buy the optional ultrasound gel, they do include, with some models, a small sample bottle. The gel is clear and odourless. In my opinion the sample bottle is really a sample bottle. You only get a few uses out of it. I highly recommend you get the extra bottle of gel for a small fee. It’s much bigger and lasts a while.




250ml Ultrasound Gel: This is the Aquasonic 100 ultrasound transmission Gel, a highly
moisturizing and thick liquid gel, manufactured by Parker Laboratories. Its super easy to use and a must have when using any Fetal Doppler from Baby Doppler. This is also the same gel used by doctors, hospitals, and midwives. It eliminates most of the static noise when the doppler comes in contact with your skin. It is easy to wash off and clean. The quantity of the gel is amazing and should last you for some time. If you think you would be using the doppler more frequently, they also offer a three pack version for a discount.



Here is my Baby Doppler (Tutorial Video)


I hope you enjoyed my video!! You can purchase your own Doppler to listen to your new bundle
of joy at http://www.babydoppler.com/ also check out their other really fun products.
Tell them Danna sent you!!
It’s Mother’s Day all over again!




The Mother’s Day gift ideas continue!! Sunshine, lime blossoms, delicate jasmine blossoms, and citrus sorbet. This is only an  ounce  of how these fragrances make me feel. The fresh cool breeze of the spring weather and the whimsical feeling in of being young at any age. My Daughter Fragrance!!


*Note these fragrances are only samples, but can make your whole day Eco Luxe with these Eco Fragrances.


The Bloom 25 fragrance sample is so refreshing! This smells like sunflower field, with a the scented fresh breeze.


The Joyful fragrance makes me feel so joyful inside, this smells so dainty and angelic giggles. XOXO



The Always Loved fragrance is a great combination of the Channel number five fragrance and pleasure by Estee lauder. This is a nice musky and soft scent.



Here is my special video for My Daughter Fragrance Samples:


I hope you enjoyed these fragrances and you can see the full bottle fragrances on http://mydaughterfragrance.com/ and tell them Danna sent you!!










Mother’s Day is over, but not the celebration! Finding  the perfect gift for mom sometimes isn’t always found on Mother’s Day, let’s continue to celebrate mom. The Candles from Grace Note Candle are refreshing, with the rich blends of essential oils and natural essenes.



My pink magnolia candle from Grace Note is so relaxing and awakens me in the morning, plus I hardly even need coffee in the morning. Just kidding I’m still having coffee, beacause I love it! The fresh scents of the pure essential oils can make your world vibrant.



This is nature at it’s best right here in this jar, so please take a moment to experience my excitement with Grace Note Candles!


I hope this gift will make your day bright as it has genuinely made mine. You can get your candle too! By using the coupon code BACK4MORE for 15% off your next purchase, on gracenotecandle.com . Thank you so much to Grace Note and have a wonderful Mother’s Day week with me.