🌸 A Cure for Bad Hair Days! Bibi Soaps

Ok, ladies do have bad hair days? Of course you do, every women in America have had moments. Then again, all you need is water and shampoo to tame the beast. As a naturalista, I find that having a hair system makes those bad hair days disappear. No you shouldn’t take comb to it right away, instead hop in the shower and grab the miracle shampoo bar. Bibi Soaps is my go to store for getting my hair and body renewed. This company models the word simplicity and that’s how life should be. As a women, we shouldn’t have to feel bad for  having a bad hair day, instead wash it with their Shampoo Bar.


Here is The Shampoo Bar:

The shampoo bar goes right the scalp and provided a deep moisturizing experience that will loosen the tangled knots. After submerging my hair with water, I rubbed the shampoo bar into my scalp and that’s all she wrote. My hair was moisturized, shiny, and soft. I would definitely recommend this shampoo bar to anyone, because this bar works well for all hair types. Hair types isn’t an issue this time, so what are you waiting for? Below is the organic ingredients in the shampoo bar:

Avocado oil, organic Olive oil, shikakai, amla, reetha and several others.



Here is my video review for Bibi’s  Shampoo Bar:



To purchase more of these products visit : http://bibisoaps.com/ and get beautified with their new body butters!



My Locing Series: Live Locs Product Tutorial

Being a Naturalista isn’t easy, right? Well, I completely understand the struggle. On my blog, I love to share natural products that we can use to nurture  and style our hair.  Ok, we have talked about products for curly, straight, and coarse hair, but what about products that can maintain the health of dreadlocks? No matter what hair texture you have, natural hair needs love too and that’s why the new company that I found caters to your needs. Yes,  I have featured products from many hair companies, but everybody deserves to have options.

This post is specifically for my ladies or guys with growing locs, including  those who are just starting the locing process just like me. This company is the number one recommendation on my list for loc care. Live Locs makes products that are  filled with indescribable healing properties, along with providing long lasting moisture without clogging the hair follicles. Below is review video revealing the products and the powerful ingredients.

The Dynamic Duo’s for excellent  hair health:

Products Featured
Tea & Mint Rehab Dextox Cleanser
Borage & Flaxseed Follicle Strengthening Oil
Argan & Pequi Oil Shine Spray



The first product that I’m going to show you, deserves the number one spot.

Tea & Mint Rehab Dextox Cleanser

My first time using this cleanser was the best experience of my life. The active ingredients of the menthol and green tea components gave my scalp a therapeutic treatment. Honestly, I remember back in 2013, I had locs and I felt that no matter what cleanser I used, my scalp just didn’t feel clean. I love the cooling effect and my hair doesn’t feel stripped of it’s natural oils. You will see me talking this cleanser even more in the video.

Here is what’s inside:

INGREDIENTS: Water, Potassium Cocoate*, Potassium Oleate*, Lauryl Betaine, Glycerin*, Benzyl Alcohol, Potassium Palm Kernelate, Palm Kernal Acid, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Extract, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Peel Extract, Decyl Glucoside, Natural Fragrance, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Oil, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Extract, Potassium Citrate, Menthol

*certified organic




Borage & Flaxseed Follicle Strengthening Oil



The hair growth serum!!! I love this oil, just love it so much. The smell is not offensive and helped my hair to become smoother from the roots, all the way to the tips. In dry climates, I notice that my scalp feels very dry and itchy, so I really appreciate this hair oil. My mother and sister currently have crochet braids, so this oil  couldn’t have came at the perfect time.


Here is the ingredients for this miracle oil:

Borage & Flaxseed Follicle Strengthening Oil is an essential step to any loc care regimen. This completely plant-based product penetrates deep within your follicle roots to help support a stronger and more healthier scalp to promote hair growth.

– Unique Blend: Black Current, Borage, Flaxseed, Walnut Oils, Omega 3, 6 an 9.







3.Argan & Pequi Oil Shine Spray

This shine spray is the finishing touch to my protective styles and you will see me use this in part 2 of my locing series. The smell of the argan oil & pequi is amazing and the shine lasts for two days. I have used shine sprays in the past, but they just didn’t give me the coverage that I wanted.


Here are the ingredients for the shine spray:

Argan & Pequi Oil Shine Spray is your natural alternative to silicones. It only takes a few spritzes of this completely plant-based sheen to provide a lustrous shine that holds up against external factors like humidity , heat and the extreme cold.




Now that you’ve heard all about the powerful ingredients within each of the products, let’s talk about hair styles. Please watch both of my videos below.



My Locing Series Part 1: Live Locs Product Tutorial:

In this video, I will be showing each of the products from Live Locs . Stay tune for part 2 of this series to see the finish product.




My Locing Series Part 2: Live Locs Product Tutorial:

Here are photos of the finished product:

This is a side view of my protective style.


A Front View.



To purchase more of these products visit : LiveLocs.com to see all of their natural products to take care of your growing tresses. Be sure to use the promo code: TrueLocs at the checkout!





The Real Tea about Beauty: Teehaus Soaps

The perfect way to step into the new week is with a cup of tea. Ok, I’m kidding, but hot tea is essential. I love my word play, so let’s really talk about beauty and I’m referring to facial or body care. Even though, the company that I’m featuring supplies these products too, but what about our hair! Yes, hair health has never been more important. I have the perfect product that is small, convenient, and only costs 10 dollars.

The Teehaus Soap company is the new song on radio and the cherry on top of  he ice cream.  In my previous article, I’ve expressed that having natural hair takes a whole village to clean, especially when the cleansing products doesn’t get directly to the scalp.  So lately, I have ventured from only using shampoo bottles, to using shampoo and conditioner bars.  Here is my video review and thoughts about Teehaus Soaps products.




This little miracle in a small bar is my ticket to having clean hair. I received these bars in the mail separately packed and ready for use. As always, I like to follow steps when it comes to my hair, so I used the shampoo bar first. Note: After using this bar, I would recommend keeping it away from the water to increase the shelf life. Ok back to my description, the soap didn’t strip my hair of it’s natural oils and the lather was very moderate. Below is more information about the soap Courtesy of Teehaus Soap.


The Shampoo Bar contains avocado oil and wheat beer as conditioning agents for healthy, beautiful hair. Rosemary essential oil helps promote hair growth and repair damage, and rich mango butter and coconut milk combine to make this bar mild and creamy.

Unlike commercial shampoos, these bars do not contain harsh detergents to strip hair of its natural oils. Rosemary Peppermint Shampoo Bar is sulfate free and formulated to be gentle and nourishing.

To use, rub the shampoo bar directly on your hair or work up a lather in your hands. Rinse thoroughly and follow with conditioner.

Camellia Conditioner is the perfect match for our Rosemary Peppermint Shampoo bar, available here.

Save 20% when you order our solid shampoo and conditioner as a set, here.

You will receive one 3.5 oz shampoo bar in a recyclable post-consumer kraft paper box with our colorful Teehaus label. No plastic bottles = no waste!

Round bars measure approximately 3″ in diameter by 1″ thick.

Contains coconut oil, organic palm oil, olive oil, castor oil, wheat beer, avocado oil, mango butter, sodium hydroxide, coconut milk, essential oils of rosemary and peppermint, chloryphyll.



Speaking of the Camellia Conditioner bar, this is the hair smoothing remedy for the

2. 16830265_1783643621962460_598478385_n

The conditioner bar is the complete opposite, the bar doesn’t lather or creates suds, instead it has a light creamy consistency when it touched my hair. I simply applied the bar to my scalp and proceed in a circular motion, to really give my hair a deep treatment. The smell was also light, so this wouldn’t bother you if you’re prone to offensive smells.  Both the Shampoo and Conditioner bars didn’t shrink after 5 uses, so this is another check mark on my list. Below is more information about the soap Courtesy of Teehaus Soap.

The solid conditioner bar contains natural and plant-based conditioning oils, panthenol (pro-vitamin B-5) for bounce and shine, green tea extract, and ultra-rich conditioning shea butter as well as camellia oil from the tea plant to promote growth and smoothness. This vegan conditioner bar lasts for a very long time, and is an economical, biodegradable, and healthy alternative to commercial conditioners. It has a light, refreshing natural scent of bergamot mint essential oil.

You will notice a difference right away when making the switch to natural hair care. Beautiful, healthy hair comes from natural cleansing and moisturizing to repair hair without damaging chemicals and sulfates. Camellia Conditioner bars are easy to use, long lasting, all natural, and appropriate for all hair types. They do not weigh hair down and can be used on oily hair. They are especially effective for dry, chemically treated, color treated or damaged hair. Camellia Conditioner bars are perfect for home or travel. Unlike commercial conditioners, these bars do not contain harsh detergents to strip hair of its natural oils. Camellia Conditioner is sulfate free and formulated to be gentle and nourishing.

To use, rub the conditioner bar directly on your hair and work through. Conditioner will feel soft and will not create a lather. Rinse thoroughly and style as usual. Camellia Conditioner is the perfect match for our Rosemary Peppermint Shampoo bar, available here.

Save 20% when you order our solid shampoo and conditioner as a set, here.

You will receive one 3.5 oz conditioner bar in a recyclable post-consumer kraft paper box with our colorful Teehaus label. No plastic bottles = no waste!

Round bars measure approximately 3″ in diameter by 1″ thick.


Contains Behentrimonium Methosulfate (vegetable based, from Grapeseed oil), Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol (derived from Palm Oil), Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Honeyquat, Cetrimonium Chloride (a salt), Camellia Oil, Hydrolized Oat Protein, Panthenol, Bergamot Mint Essential Oil, Green Tea Extract, and French Rose Clay.


Here is my video review for both the shampoo and conditioner bar:



To purchase more of these products visit : http://www.teehaussoaps.com/ for more natural products!




Beauty Doesn’t Have A Hair Type: Born Beautiful Hair Products

Natural hair is a word used when a woman is  letting her hair grow out without chemicals. This expression was not always popular until women made their voices known to society, when it came to them changing their hair just to fit in.  For years, this has been one of the biggest grievance to African American women who are looked at with judgement for rocking their curls. Along with being questioned if their hair is actually growing out of their own heads. By the way, African American women are not the only ones going through this struggle.

Many ethnic women who have natural red hair, loose curls, and short hair are being forced to either change their natural hair color or add hair extensions. This must change and this is why Born Beautiful hair line is also breaking down those walls for all women. For example, I have thick hair and my sister has a looser hair texture, but this didn’t stop the product from working on our hair.



Here are the products featured in this article:
Fabulous Mango Butter Hair Whip
Dreamy Shea Butter Hair Whip – Lemongrass
Dreamy Shea Butter Hair Whip -Cherry Pop





1.Fabulous Mango Butter Hair Whip:


The first hair whip that were going to talk about is the Fabulous Mango Butter! This hair butter reminds me of the island where I came from 12 years ago. I was born in the U.S. Virgin Islands so tropical scents just awakens my memory. Now back to the product, the texture of the whip feels like whip cream. I know it thick, but it just glides so gracefully. You will see the texture in the video below.

This amazing 3 butter blend uses Mango Butter, Olive Butter, and Capuacu Butter, a great emollient that possess high water absorption capabilities. It also contains the wonderful Jamaican Black Castor Oil to help with the regrowth of thinning hair and to promote hair growth. This butter is packed with goodies; It has Avocado Oil which works wonders for dry hair, and Jojoba Oil & Sweet Almond Oil for moisture and shine. But that’s not all – this butter also contains two amazing exotic oils, Kukui and Babassu, which are great moisturizers. It is also packed with with beneficial Essential Oils to provide health to natural hair.



2.Dreamy Shea Butter Hair Whip – Lemongrass


Out of the three products, the lemongrass hair whip is my favorite! Because the scent is very earthy and not too offensive. Have you ever smelled Lemongrass oil? Then this is the scent and the texture is just like a thick whip, which makes doing my hair more easier. Even though this is just a 4 oz jar, you only need a little bit since the consistency provides adequate moisture. In the video, I used the Lemongrass whip in my edges.


Active Ingredients you should know about:

Shea Butter, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Baobab Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera gel, Vegetable Glycerin, Vitamin E, Rosemary Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Thyme Essential Oil, & Fragrance.



3.Dreamy Shea Butter Hair Whip -Cherry Pop


The final edition to this trio is the Cherry Pop hair whip. If you’re having a bad hair day then this hair whip is the one for you. The consistency is perfect for the stubborn knots and helps to detangle the hair better. You will be seeing this product in the video, because my hair just won’t give up and I need more than a dime size. The cherry scent is not offensive to me, but if you don’t care for this scent, there is more scents to satisfy you. Also, you can uses these products on your skin too! Talk about luck.


Dreaming of soft silky hair and skin, well we are here to answer your dreams with our Dreamy Shea Butter Hair Whips, made with 100% unrefined Shea Butter. This product also has Argon Oil for softer, silkier, and shinier hair. With Coconut Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, and the famous Baobab Oil from Africa. It also contains the great benefits of Aloe Vera gel and wonderful essential oils used to promote hair growth: Thyme Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, and Cedarwood Essential Oil.

Use this butter as a sealant, styling cream, and/or skin moisturizer that works wonders.


Here is a video of me demonstrating how to create a cronrow crown with Born Beautiful Hair Products:

Here is the finished product for my Tutorial:


To purchase more of these products visit : bornbeautiful2.com and https://www.etsy.com/shop/BornBeautifulProductto to see all of the organic hair products and more!




Everyday is Valentines Day :Red Lip, Hoop Earrings & Natural Roots

The everyday is Valentines Day series is still going strong! So far, the trending topics here at True Vivant is mainly about skin care products. Let’s switch it up and venture  into finding the best hair products to tame the tight curl or to just simply moisturize our hair on a daily. Summer will be here before you know it and the last thing you want is for your hair to be damaged by the harsh heat of the flatirons. Instead let’s rock our natural tresses with a hair system that works. Below is my experience using the Shea Butter Hair Cream from NaturalRootsNYC. This new hair company that I found on my product search  has the  perfect hair cream  for my big mahogany style natural hair.


The Shea Butter Hair Cream:


The shea butter cream is my go to product for styling and refreshing my protective styles, while keeping my edges laid. After spending about 2 years as a product junkie, I finally realized that my hair works better with creams, so when I say their hair cream I had to try it. You will see in the tutorial make-over video below. The texture is also great for locking up, detangling and taming the frizz . If you have natural hair, you know what I’m taking about. Also, if your hair type is straight or just wavy they have your product. Before you take a look at my video, please observe the hair ingredients of this products.



Ingredients:   Water, Shea butter, Safflower oil, Coconut oil,Grape seed oil, Avocado oil,
Olive oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Behentrimonium methosulfate, Nettle infusion, horsetail,Seaweed,
Hydrolyzed proteins(baobab and quinoa), Panthenol, Glycine Betaine,Essential oil,
Vegetable Glycerin, Citric acid, Phenoxyethanol

Details about the Shea Butter Cream

Works well wet or dry!   Using on dry hair gives more definition. This helped to elongate my hair in it’s dry state.

What It Does

  • Moisture
  • Reduce frizz
  • Shine
  • Strength


Glycine Betaine

  • moisturizer
  • anti-irritant
  • detangler
  • shine enhancement
  • scalp protection
  • conditioner

Ingredients Spotlight

Now with Baobab and quinoa protein!


  • frizz control
  • helps to repair damage
  • improved manageability
  • nourishing from root to tip
  • imparts conditioning benefits
  • increased strength and elasticity
  • botanical alternative to Dimethicone
  • protection from environmental stress
  • leaves hair softer, stronger, smoother

Quinoa:  detangles

  • gluten free
  • improved lustre
  • conditioning
  • helps to soothe irritated skin
  • improved wet / dry comb-out
  • improves volume appearance softens / smooths hair appearance excellent film former (binds moisture to skin / hair)



Here is my tutorial video and make-over tips:



To purchase more of these products visit :
www.NaturalRootsNYC.com For more deep conditioning and styling creams!!!