Can Parents & Their Children Become BFF’s?

Do you want to have a closer relationship with your parent or child, but crossing the blurred lines is your biggest hindrance? Then, this video is just for you! We believe that proper communication is the bridge that will take you on a journey full of promise. However, are you willing to put in the work?


Convo Vs. Convo is about having conversations we all want to have but don’t. Especially with our Mothers! The most vital relationship is the connection between a mother and her daughter, because that the world is evolving, and with the latest revelations of sexual abuse, political debates, healthcare laws, plus the uncertainty of oneself can really cause a dangerous shift in the way we communicate. This is why, as mother and daughter we are sharing our different views, from one generation to another! With both perspectives on topics that have been locked away in the hidden vault, we will show you a different method of communication. #ConvoVs.Convo🔥

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Book Club Favorites: Inspiration Storytelling Week

When you’re a parent the one thing that never gets old is good old parenting advice whether if it’s through your mom your best friend or even from books. You can always learn something new from some of the different teaching Outlets weather for the word of mouth or from the pages of books you can learn something new. The book 5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know About Their Kids & Sex, by Anne Marie Miller. This book is the golden chalice of all things to know about topics about your kids weather if it’s how to talk to them how to relate to them knowing that they’re going through different times than you experienced and I to talk about when you’re crossing the bridge A.K.A when you’re intimate with another person. This book is every parent’s Christmas wish birthday wish New Year’s Eve with an eternity with because as children get older their minds change they experienced a lot of things that some parents may feel like what do I do now so that’s what I love about this book it and they broke it down in steps that didn’t leave you puzzled and it didn’t use the exercises on I’ve recommended this book and I’m seeing results in how parents parent their kids by giving their parents more confidence in knowing that they know what they’re doing and then they can maneuver they can help their children better but most importantly having a good prayer life and helping your children is the best option because books can teach you so many things but having a good prayer life and being open-minded to other information can also help you with questions that you may want to ask her parents to this book will make a great mom group discussion a great book to read while your children are sleeping just a way for you to distress Yourself by also educating yourself on what happens to Children especially when they reach the age when they talk about S.E.X. this is the topic that most parents should read but with the right information the confidence and just the raw honesty of what life is to not only help your children but can also prepare them instead of keeping them from the what the real world is about because I found out when your honest with children he opened their eyes to what the real world is and also can help them to be better people in the world as well so apparent I pray that by reading this book you gave me confidence and can use the teachings from this book to not only help your children but can also help other parents too.

Good and best wishes to you!




Let’s Talk (A Girl Devotional Series)

“Impress them [these commandments] on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home

and when you walk along the road,when you lie down and when you get up.”

Deuteronomy 6:7

My letter to parents. I am a young person just like your child. I have had my good and bad days, trials and errors and self doubts. I know that your burdens my not be so easy,and parenting teenagers isn’t a walk in the park! Nevertheless, don’t give up on them, remember you were once young and stubborn too. The greatest parenting book is the bible, because within it lies the answers to why your child is acting the way they are, having emotional outbursts, and how to truly love them.

Please don’t quit on them!!! Pray for them, walk with them, ask them questions and let them feel your presents in their life, along with God’s love and unfailing mercy.

You will be alright, because God’s grace is sufficient!!

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for giving me your spiritual food and love each day. Lord, give me patience and your love to pass onto so many . I am so happy your in my life. Amen.

Three Easy Steps To Lose Your Baby Weight

Tip #1: A Postpartum Support Girdle

This has to be my number one tip! I purchased a girdle that had a zipper on the side fromBellefit. It’s a little pricy, but I was able to wear it for the full four months postpartum and it made me feel sexy again. It tucked me flat in all the right places so I (and others) didn’t see the extra skin around my mid-section when I sat down.

It also gave me these wonderful benefits:

  • Shrank my uterus faster,
  • Helped the swelling from the fluids go down faster,
  • Helped to compress me hips back to where they were before I got pregnant,
  • Provided support after I had my bandages removed from my Cesarian birth.

Tip #2: Drink Green Smoothies

Eating healthy is an extremely important part of losing the baby weight. Losing weight is actually 80% diet and only 20% fitness. You can not workout for the first six to eight weeks post postpartum so a healthy diet is key to your weight loss success.

Here are some time saving smoothie making tips.

  • K.I.S.S. Making green smoothies using the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Silly) method saves time and makes it easier for you to stick with it. Somehow, everything takes three to four times longer when you have a baby. Don’t over complicate your green smoothies. Try to keep your smoothie to no more than four or five ingredients.
  • Freeze Your Fruit. Pre-cut and freeze some of your fruits so you can easily grab them and add to your blender. You can also buy frozen fruits so you don’t have to take the time to cut them yourself.
  • Freeze Your Greens. I buy pre-washed spinach and baby kale in large tubs and put one of each directly into the freezer. For the bunches of greens that I buy in the produce section, I’ll wash, remove the stems, pat dry and place in freezer safe containers. I label them with the date I put them in the freezer so I don’t forget when I put them in there. You can easily do this step when your baby is sleeping or have your partner help you.
  • Protein Powder Is Your Friend. Keep a protein powder on hand for quick protein-rich green smoothies that you don’t have to think about. Of course, you can get enough protein from dark leafy greens, seeds, goji berries and other wonderful ingredients.

    Sometimes I had to toss what I could with one hand into the blender since I was holding my son with the other hand. That meant my green smoothies consisted of spinach, banana and berries. While it’s very tasty, I didn’t have a free hand or free time to enter all the ingredients into Cron-o-meter to see what I could add to get enough protein. Adding a scoop of protein powder was a great way to make sure I wasn’t going to get hungry in an hour.

  • Have A Plan. Following a meal plan is the best way to stay on track. A good meal plan should provide at least four weeks of recipes and provide grocery shopping lists. Knowing what you are going to eat and having all of the ingredients on hand makes it easier to be successful. An added benefit would be an online support community to keep you motivated. My RESET 28 program has all of these things and more.

Tip #3: Make Time For Fitness

You don’t have to leave your little one on the sidelines when you are working out. My son LOVED it when I would kiss his cheeks as I was doing push-ups or when I would hold him and do squats. I’d make silly noises as I squatted up and down.

Creating a fun fitness routine that entertains your baby will make a more enjoyable experience. Another great workout is pushing the stroller around the block. If it’s cold outside, head into the mall and make laps from one end to the other. You don’t have to get crazy, just get moving.

I hope you found these tips helpful. If you want even more help with your weight loss journey, check out my RESET 28 program. It provides step by step meal plans and recipes along with a fitness guide and online support group to help you take the struggle out of losing weight.

Your baby will love you, for taking care of yourself!