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As members of my blog, you’ve seen me reach milestones and experience life-changing events. This is why I wanted to create a site where you can be yourselves and call your online home. I am currently creating a digital magazine featuring some of the articles published on my blog, plus some exclusive content and surprises. In order to see these exclusive articles, and much more, you’ll have to pre-order the first issue of True Vivant Magazine.

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True Vivant Magazine ™ is your Holistic Lifestyle Publication for Parents & teens. This is a monthly digital magazine where you have the opportunity to be featured, advertise your products, charitable causes and much more.

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Become a Contributor For Our 2018 Spring Issue of True Vivant Magazine

ATTENTION*** All True Vivant Followers & Viewers.

The official issue for is will be released on 01.26.18 .  Until then, it’s time to plan for our 2018 Spring Issue of True Vivant Magazine!!!! I am so excited, BUT WAIT!!! I need my squad, my contributors, my artists, and fellow bloggers.  Do you have amazing blog posts, products, videos, and art paintings for the season of roses, pollen, and flip-flops?  Then you are exactly who we need! I want to feature your creations in my next issue and there is no catch. You do not have to pay anything, but you can serve up a pie full of creativity just for #SPRING! P.S. You and your content will get more exposure.

Want to join the list of many who are contributing?

Do the following:

*Tell me why you would like to be featured. (If you are a company, influencer, paint artists or blogger).

*The subjects you would like to cover related to Spring.




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2018 For True Vivant is going to be amazing!!!!!

Greetings to all who follow!

I would first like to say thank you!!!!!  Thank you so much for giving me inspiration and going on this beautiful journey with me. This year, we will be kicking it up a notch! You the readers, the TrueVivant blog followers, and my fellow bloggers will be giving the chance to be apart of a new project alongside me. If you would like to know more, please contact me or comment on this post. P.S. there is no catch and you don’t have to dish out any coins.  However, you can get more exposure for your articles, photos, recipes, and much more.


Who will receive the first #GoldenTicket? It’s up to you!!!


Ok, it’s time to get back to writing……




Everyday is Mothers Day Gift Ideas: Gemsicles & Pearls

The tour still continues and now that we’ve gotten the beauty preparations out of the way, it’s time to move down the fashion lane. What if you were to combine your birthstone with crystals? Or, what if you had an old family heirloom that you wanted to rock on your wedding day? The two ladies that I know can make anything into your most memorable gift, is located in the great blue seas of gemsicles. The creators of Gemsicles Kim and Abby incorporate flowers, nature, crystals, gemstones and all things sparkly and pretty in our pieces.


Here is a glimpse of my White Opal Earrings:

Swarovski® Crystal Rhinestones: 8mm White Opal chaton crystals
Size: 1-1/8 inch long

Plating: Gold

The earrings is light weight and dainty for the most sophisticated moments and when you the inner boss in you has to shine. Gemsicles prides themselves in making memorable and timeless pieces that will not only make the coronations in your life magical, but will leave your heart full of everlasting joy.

The perfect hair accessory a freshwater pearl inside a limpet shell, holds any hair in place without taking away from your natural beauty.


Here is a video showing off my exciting spring day, while I rock my Gemsicles earrings and hair accessory:

To purchase more of these products from their “Crystal Statement Pieces” using the coupon code GEM10 to save 10%! visit: to see and purchase beauty staple pieces for the spring and summer.




Jewelry for any Occasion & on a Budget!

Well, it looks like winter isn’t over. No matter how much I wish upon the brightest star in the sky, you just control the weather. Thankfully, we have other plans to keep the cabin fever away. Here at True Vivant we like to travel, since this is not  always feasible  let’s just travel virtually. How does that sound? Ok, let’s start the engine and get this plane off the ground.

As we waltz into a new week, I find that proper reflection is in order. For the passed few weeks, I have been talking about fashion and home decor products on a budget.  I know that sometime budgeting may seem like your settling for less, but this misconception stops here! You shouldn’t have to settle and thanks to the many esty merchandise owners, we can get the products we all love. P.S. all of the items are one of a kind, so that  makes you exclusive.


The first product in our series comes all the way from Jerusalem. No you can’t eat this product, but you can wear it. Thanks to Zahara Mandala you are getting an exclusive look at the perfect necklace that you can wear year round. Of course, during the spring and summer time we tend to switch costume jewelry like drinking water, but not this time. The Magen David and Blue Swarovski Crystal Necklace is symbolic and offers clarity.



In the Jewish culture, the Star of David means Shield of David” with the hexagram shape dates to the 17th century. The term “Shield of David” is also used in the Siddur (Jewish prayer book) as a title of the God of Israel. Wearing jewelry is more meaningful than we think, in fact, the colors we wear reflects ours emotions. Different colors have meaning and the story behind them is important  to know. In the center of the necklace has a blue crystal, which  symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.  The mystery lies within and only know the secret.



The Material of the Necklace:

* Made of: Silver plated chain, Tibetan silver Magen David charm beaten design square, combined with a bell & blue Swarovski crystal.
* Size of pendant: 1`.5″ (4 cm) by 1″ (2.5 cm). Max thickness 6 mm.
Chain size: 20″ (51 cm) long, thickness 2 mm.





Here is my video review talking about the necklace and to give a closer look:

To purchase more of these products visit : Don’t just celebrate the Holy season once a year, everyday is Easter because we’re alive and well.