Getting Ready for Spring!! It’s Lemonade Time

Spring is finally in the air, so it’s time put away the winter gear and bring out the floral patterns. Let’s be honest, this past  winter was brutal for some of us, which makes the sight of warm temperatures and spring flowers even more pleasant. Now that you’ve survived winter, let’s bring out the Lemonade!  Recently on my Youtube channel, I began making different blends of teas using citrus, peppermint, and hibiscus. I found that combining these flavors, can make any non-teas drinker hooked.

If your not an avid tea lover, I have the perfect company that will make your  tea experience ongoing. Our tea makers at The Tea Spot supplies tea blends to support your everyday need, along with tea steepers, and stylish to-go bottles to accompany you anywhere. Here is my visual experience using tea leaves from my favorite spot.


Products Featured:
Pink Rose Lemonade-Tea
Sugar Tamer-Tea
Blood Orange Smoothie-Tea



Before you steep the tea, you need a steeper. The Tuffy Steeper is so cute and fits in any average size tea cups with ease. Thankfully, the tea spot has an assembly of steeper ware and infusers to fit in any cup you choose. You will see me use the tuffy steeper  in the video below.




Pink Rose Lemonade-Tea


The Pink Rose Lemonade is the highlight! Usually, I don’t like to drink cold teas without sweeteners, but I had to make an exception. I used the steeper to strain the tea leaves, added ice cubes and made something completely new. In the video, I will show you a different way of adding your own twist for the perfect spring/summer drink.


Ingredients: lemongrass, lemon myrtle, orange peel, rose petals, lemon balm, spearmint, chamomile, lavender

Pink Rose Lemonade Recipe:
1 tsp of pink rose lemonade tea leaves
8 oz of boiling water
Half a cucumber sliced into thick wedges




Sugar Tamer-Tea

This is my rescue remedy for taming my sweet tooth. Let’s be honest, sometimes the urge to eat a whole box of chocolate comes out of nowhere, so this tea will keep the blood sugar in check. I love the tartiness and the combination of chamomile really gives a soothing after taste. Along with the sweet infusion of  hibiscus adds of fruity element that I very much appreciate.


Ingredients: organic hibiscus, organic peppermint, organic licorice, organic lavender, organic chamomile




Blood Orange Smoothie-Tea

I like to call this the good morning tea! The creative combination of the citrus, and vanilla is like having breakfast in a tea cup. I am just in love with this tea, because normally I don’t like to eat so much in the morning. So, I find this tea very satisfying.

Ingredients: red rooibos tea, orange peel, hibiscus, rosehips, safflowers, rose petals, natural orange & vanilla flavors



Here is my video review and demonstration of how to make My  Pink Rose Lemonade-with Cucumbers:

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Spring Time Forecast: Natural Cures for the Common Cold

Well it’s finally here, the great yellow cloud of pollen. Dare I say it, Spring has finally begun! Honestly, spring is beautiful, but the side effects that comes along with it can be aggravating. Thankfully, the healing herbs from the very ground that we occupy on a daily, can bless us with vital  medicines that you can’t buy in a drug store. I took so long to share these tea leaves with you, because I wanted to see if these teas helped my allergies or throat issues. F. Y. I. My itchy throat symptoms is derived from the changes in air temperature.

You know how it is when the air switches from hot to cold in a bipolar rhythm. Here at True Vivant, I like to share health tips and remedies that I use to keep me run on a full engine. Below is my written and video review sharing the benefits of each tea the Full Leaf Company sent to me.



Products Featured:
Organic Throat Clarity-Leaves
Organic Vita Me Tea-Leaves
Organic Immunity Blend-Leaves
Organic Detox Tea -Leaves
*Disposable Tea Bags




Let’s get the water boiled and start steeping!


1.Organic Throat Clarity-Leaves

Magic hidden in a steel tin. Before we begin our review, I would first like to say that out of all the tea samplers, the organic throat clarity is my favorite. Ok, maybe I’m just being biased, because of my dry throat and the tea is for throat clarity. At first, I did have some reservation regarding the taste. Let’s be honest, usually herbal teas doesn’t always have pleasant flavors.

Moving on, the actual description regarding the organic throat clarity tea is accurate. The first herbal essence that I noticed was the chamomile and the peppermint. Naturally chamomile has a very smooth and cozy taste, while the peppermint releases an euphoric cooling menthol’s that eases aches of a sore throat.


Organic Throat Clarity– via full leaf tea company. This tea is specifically formulated to help soothe sore throats. Its combination of natural ingredients work together to help alleviate pain and fight infection. Cloves, ginger, and chamomile give this blend its cozy, warm taste while peppermint provides its refreshing and smooth flavor.

Approximately 5-7 servings per tin.




Organic Vita Me Tea-Leaves


The Vita Me Tea Blend is the multi-purpose remedy that will satisfy your needs so you can be your best. The dried berries in the tea leaves adds a fruity element to the tea, which explains why this is  multi-purpose! So I decided to experiment and after brewing this tea in hot water, I added ice cubes. This was convenient since I don’t like to drink  processed juice’s with artificial sweeteners. So guys, let’s just say your studying or chasing after kids, you can have a cool summer drink that is calorie free and healthy.

Organic Vita Me Tea  – via full leaf tea company. Full of antioxidant rich ingredients, this caffeine free blend will keep you satisfied and healthy all day long. Vita Me was handcrafted by our artisan blenders to have a refreshing tart berry flavor that is great hot or iced.



The secret to  preventing the symptoms of a cold virus that may challenge your body is proper immune support. I will talk about my personal experience  in the video below regarding this tea. Regarding the flavor of the tea, I would give it an 8 our of 10. Every since I was a little girl, I drank echinacea tea to prepare my immune system and this habit has stayed with me every since. I have not been sick in 3 an half years now. Thank God!

Organic Immunity Blend – via full leaf tea company.Fight back against cold season! Our Immunity Blend is full of natural ingredients that help prevent sickness and aid in relieving symptoms. Immunity has a smooth, sweet taste mixed with a slight tartness.


The Last of the Leaves!

Now, before I talk about this detox tea, I would first like to stress the importance of  speaking with your doctor about Detox Teas, before utilizing these natural herbs. One word to describe this Detox Tea would be “WinSpring”. A.K.A. Winter and Spring mixed together. The minty flavor and the hints of lemon makes this tea refreshing and enhanced my energy after the first cup.

Organic Detox Tea – via full leaf tea company.This delicious blend has a minty flavor with a slight hint of lemon. It is specially formulated to optimize health, with a perfect balance of detoxification and healing this tea will make you feel invigorated and renewed!


Here is my review video and time special using Full Leaf Tea Company:


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Holistic Living: Flavorful Teas from Numi Tea

Nothing cures a cold of the spring time like warm tea!!! I’m talking about delicious and warming tea from Numi Organic Tea. I have talked about teas before, but these teas are just incredible. The teas from Numi Teas has flavorful and requires no honey or added sweeteners, to taste. Here is my incredible tea journey.



The Turmeric Tea Golden Tonic & Golden Chai:


The Turmeric Tea Golden: The flavor of the Turmeric tea has a spicy and warm sensation, with a citrus and zesty finish.  This tea is an uplifting blend of turmeric, lemon verbena and dried lime come together for an exhilarating dance of flavor. Golden hues of organic turmeric have an earthy sweetness as notes of zesty citrus soar and enliven the senses. Made of only real, organic ingredients, Golden Tonic Turmeric Tea will leave you revitalized and refreshed.

The Golden Chai: This is the best Chai tea that I have ever tried! This warmth and flavor of this tea not only was delicious warm but cold too with milk. Golden Chai is a traditional Indian treasure. This blend is organic hearty Assam black tea with organic cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger for a rich and spicy tea. Great with milk!



Mate Lemon & Rooibos Chai:


The Mate Lemon: This tea is so refreshing with the combination of  lemon and green tea is very awakening. The green tea just awakens me in the morning replacing my coffee, the lemon gives me an energizing boost. This infusion of organic South American Yerba Maté, Australian Lemon Myrtle, and green tea unfolds into a lemon taste with sweet, earthy undertones. Its stimulating effect evokes a cheerful mental lucidity.


The Rooibos Chai: This makes me feel like every day is Christmas!! I feel so jolly whenever I have a cup of this tea, plus this tea makes the best chai latte. This organic caffeine-free Chai blends rich Rooibos and a sultry blend of spices. Piquant cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon mingle with sweet allspice, vivacious ginger and a kiss of cardamom. Great with milk! My number one favorite.


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