Why I Decided to Loc My Hair in 2018| Carols Daughter Vs Knotty Boy Products

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey of enhancing our mindsets through Nutrition and Psychology. In this video, I will be demonstrating how I locked up my hair, what products I’m using and why I decided to make locs my permanent hairstyle. 👍🏿 Keep following my Loc Journey!

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Fabulous on a Budget: Naturally Bello Skin

During this drastic weather change, I must admit that my skin and hair has been through a lot. This is why I made it my business to find more hydrating hair and skin products that we can use daily. If you’ve been following my blog and Youtube channel you will see me in action! I love trying  new products and sharing with you only natural products, because my skin is very sensitive. If you have sensitive skin or suffer from eczema, then I have the perfect product line up for you.

Some of these products are made with Shea Butter which is great for dry skin and eczema. Ok, I don’t want to keep you waiting for long. On my search for beauty products, I found a skin care company called Naturally Bello Skin. This company specializes in making products to fulfill multi-purpose use. Let’s get started!


Products Featured:
Hair Oil
Lavender Skin and Hair Lotion
Peppermint Skin and Hair Lotion



1.Hair Oil:


Can I be honest? This hair oil is a God send! I have natural hair so the dry air is so damaging to my scalp. I usually don’t have dandruff, but my hair feels like dry hay sometimes.  This hair oil has natural products to stimulate growth and let’s talk about the menthol’s from the peppermint oil that eases my itchy scalp, instead of me taking a comb to it. I know I’m not the only one who utilizes, the magic of a comb to cure itchiness. The Naturally Bello’s hair oil is perfect for all hair types, so put all the worries about if the oil will work for your hair type away.


Naturally Bello’s hair oil is made with 100% natural ingredients. It is used to moisturize scalp and add moisture to the rest of your hair. The hair oil can be used to revive natural hair from dry and brittleness.

The ingredients are:

Each ingredient has a special role in aiding beauty and strength to your hair.



2.Lavender Skin and Hair Lotion and Peppermint Skin and Hair Lotion:


In the beginning, I talked about dry skin and eczema, so these two jars is our golden ticket to FINALLY getting some relief. The first skin and hair lotion is the Lavender scented shea butter. The Lavender shea butter is very soothing for even the driest skin and hair. Let’s just say after using this lotion, all you have to do is live. No more doing hair to regain moisture or having to constantly reapply lotion.


The Peppermint scented shea butter is the cool and relaxing side of the sea shore. This is the remedy for itchy eczema rashes. Natural Shea Butter is know for healing eczema and the natural peppermint combination will eases the temptation of itching those stubborn eczema patches. I use this hair and skin lotion every day, so I’m a strong believer is natural remedies that works and I love that Naturally Bello Skin understands the struggle. P.S. All of these products are under 10 dollars. What are you waiting for?


All 100% natural handmade product with ingredients that helps aid the skins beauty. You will find your skin feeling absolutely and amazingly soft. You only need a little dab on your skin and it will feel completely moisturized and will last all day.

The ingredients include:

Organic Coconut Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Shea Butter
100% Almond Oil
100% Jojoba Oil
100% Avocado Oil
100% Tea Tree Oil
Apple Cider Vinegar (a touch)

My fragrances include 100% Lavender Oil or 100% Peppermint Oil (I also sell without a fragrance)

Here is my tutorial video for Naturally Bello Skin products:


To purchase more of these products visit :https://www.etsy.com/shop/NaturallyBelloSkin to see more their amazing product.




Everyday is Valentines Day:The Sugar Stop Beauty Shop

The season of love is still in the air and everyday is another opportunity to do something different. This could mean a new attitude, breakfast idea or even skin care products. The products that I’m about to show you is something different to reflect the new you. Do you suffer from eczema or body pimples? Well, I have the one stop shop for natural salts and sugars that will heal your skin of it’s impurities. Before I show them to you, please keep in mind that the process of bathing is a spiritual experience. You are cleansing your soul when you take a shower or soak in a tub. The healing company called ” The Sugar Stop Beauty Shop” Takes pride in every product they make and the packaging of every salt or sugar is made with you in mind.




The Products Featured in the article and video:


Lavender Mint-Bath Salt
Eucalyptus Lemongrass-Bath Salt
Activated Charcoal-Sugar Scrub



  1. Lavender Mint-Bath Salt


The Lavender Mint Bath Salt is the perfect mixture of relaxation and awakening. While using this bath salt in a tub bath, I was able to smell every hidden ingredient. I smelt the lavender of course and peppermint. These essential oils are great for mental clarity and eases the worries of the day way.  Each moment the lavender broke through the cool mists of the peppermint, I felt the tension in my upper shoulders no more. The dead sea salt partially dissolves in the water so you don’t have to worry about hard lumps. This almost sounds like a story doesn’t it? Well, when it comes to your bath you should have a story to tell.



  • Ingredients For this Bath Salt:

    All Natural Dead Sea Salt, 100% Organic Coconut Oil, 100% Organic Lavender Essential Oil, 100% Organic Peppermint Essential Oil, Blueberry Juice & Annatto (for color)



2.Eucalyptus Lemongrass-Bath Salt


The ultimate spa day in your own home. This Eucalyptus and Lemongrass bath salt is the hidden secret to every spa day and now you can have that without having to spend hundreds of dollars. The bath salt combines two of my favorite scents to create an explosion of pure radiance. Lemongrass has a very herbal scent and brings back memories of when I use to drink bush tea when I was a little girl. As for the Eucalyptus,  every part of my body is now free of tension and this is essential oil is great when coping with PMS as well. I recommend this bath salt for foot baths too!


  • Ingredients for the Bath Salt:

    All Natural Dead Sea Salt, 100% Organic Coconut Oil, 100% Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil, 100% Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil, Turmeric (for color)




3.Activated Charcoal-Sugar Scrub


Now for the final luxurious miracle in a jar. This sugar scrub needs no introduction, the Activated Charcoal Sugar Scrub is my cure for  eczema and dry skin. I used the sugar scrub in the shower, at first my arm looked the same color as the scrub, but the color originally went away. As I continued to rub in the charcoal sugar, my skin felt hydrated from the coconut oil.  The process of washing it off was not hard. All you have to do is apply your body wash onto your washcloth, rub in a circular motion, and  then your skin will regain it’s natural color. You will see a whole new layer of your skin! After I dried off with my towel, I noticed that my skin was clear and smooth. If you want your skin to look renewed, this is your remedy. The smell is not offensive and your skin will thank you.

  • 100% Organic Cane Sugar, 100% Organic Coconut Oil, 100% Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil, 100% Organic Rose Essential Oil, Activated Charcoal Powder.

Here is my actual video tutorial of my Beauty Shop experience.



To purchase more of these products visit :

They have so much products that will blow your mind and I am so excited that your seeing them.





Valentines Day Series : Bed, Bath, and The Bumble Co

We are heading into the bee hive filled with worker bees creating organic apothecary products.  The worker bees are important to any bee colony, because they gather pollen into the pollen baskets. Just like this structured system of the BeeHive, the Bumble & Co values what they gather to create products that benefits our skin. I like to live by the philosophy, that earth contains the cure to many ailments that plagues our bodies. This is why I turned my life around into living a more vegan friendly lifestyle. The Bumble & Co shares my passion and I just knew I found a gem beneath the grass.  This Valentines Day, I want to share the love with you. In the spirit of heart day, Bumble & Co created a Floral Bath Salt made with real dead sea salt and dead flower petals.


Here is my Floral Bath Salt Experience:



Floral Bathing Salts | 100% Natural Bath Salts

Made from sea salt, Dead Sea & pink Himalayan sea salts along with floral botanicals + herbs, they are relaxing + healing. Bathing salts are wonderful for helping to detoxify the body. They soften, tone & exfoliate the skin. They will help to soothe your senses while quietly helping to rid your body of impurities … leaving soft and clear skin. As you relax, the soft scent will permeate the air, easing tension & stress.

9.5 oz | contained in reusable clear corked glass with a wooden spoon

This product was seen in Bedrooms & Baths by Romantic Homes magazine + For Women First magazine.



My experience with the Floral Bath Salt was indescribable. The actual salt helped my aching bones to relax after my brutal winter in the snow. If I can be honest, living in the snow is beautiful at times, but the repercussions is not fun at all. Other than my winter story, the bath salt had dead flowers in the mixture and each time I sprinkled the flower into the water the natural flower colors would bleed. The warm water caused this reaction and below is a photo of my actual tub.



Here is my Salt Bath Experience:

To purchase more of these products such as soaps and bath salts visit :https://www.etsy.com/shop/BumbleandCo

All of the products in their store is not just for Queens to lavish, but also for the cupid in your life.





Valentines Day Series: My Chocolate Curls Review Tutorial

This is the season of love and chocolates. Around this time, I love to curl up with a box of gourmet chocolate bites and spend moments with Clark Gable. I talking about the movie! So this year instead of getting cozy, I decided to dip my head in Chocolate. Once again a joke. Seriously, I am dipping my head in Chocolate. The hair company called “My Chocolate Curls” is every girls dream this Valentines Day season.

Their products look and smell  like chocolate. The products are made with Shea Butter, natural oils, and  the warm essences of milk chocolate. Don’t believe me yet? Well I have a video tutorial  and photos of my natural hair with My Chocolate Curls to prove it.

Here is the Product  Samples Line Up:
Chocolate Butter Cream 2oz
Chocolate Lip Butter
Hair Butter 2oz
Hair Oil



Let’s get started with our Chocolate experience:




  1. Chocolate Butter Cream:


The Chocolate Butter Cream is a thick pomade, with the same consistence of Shea Butter. I used the butter cream specifically for the roots of my hair, because if you have natural hair like me, this is the thickest part of the hair and it requires a lot of moisture. Usually, I have to apply more than a dime size, but I followed the instructions and I damped my hair. This method helps to preserve the product and less wasting .

Use on ponytail puffs, braids and twists or to tame and smooth hairlines AND on damp or wet hair as a detangler.

Use a combination of rich butters and hair loving oils to moisturize and nourish. Their  hair are products are always free of mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, harmful dyes and chemicals.

Ingredient List:

Water, Shea butter, castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, aloe Vera juice, stearic acid, natural emulsifying wax, marshmallow root, slippery elm, silk amino, comfrey extract, hibiscus extract, flaxseed extract, glycerin & vitamin E, preservative and fragrance.



2. Hair Butter


The Hair Butter is not thick, instead it has a  creamy texture which makes it easier to style the hair. After using the butter cream for my roots, I applied the hair butter on the ends of my hair and edges. You don’t have to use so much of this product, if you once again moisten the hair, the product will stretch. The butter has great slip and makes my hair more manageable in doing  protective styles. The chocolate essences in the Hair butter is captivating and stays true to the product line.


Made with natural ingredients, our hair butter protects, repairs, and strengthens your hair while moisturizing and conditioning.

Our butter is made with Shea and Horsetail butters, grape seed, avocado, coconut and castor oils and is packed with other premium ingredients. Our Hair Butter is super light and easy to apply.


3.Hair Oil


The hair oil surprisingly doesn’t smell like chocolate, instead it has a peppermint scent. The oil is also perfect for the next day touch up, at time I find myself using more product. NO ANY MORE!  P.S. I still use the Hair Butter to keep my edges laid and always paid.

Ingredients: Castor, Apricot, Grapeseed, Olive, Coconut & Hempseed oils to moisturize dry hair and provide beautiful shine.



4.Chocolate Lip Butter


The Chocolate Lip Butter is very moisturizing and makes the lips shiny. If you’ve been following my blog, I have talked about how the winter weather makes my lips so dry and how Shea Butter and oils has been my saving grace. No I can bare it all thanks to this lip butter. I no longer have to paste thick creams to feel protected against the climate .

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil.

Here is my Video Tutorial of the products and if you scroll below you will see my new hair style:


Here is my Natural Hair Protective Style using the My Chocolate Curls product line up:

I did a three strand braid at the top and finished with two strand twist at the bottom.

Products Used:

Chocolate Butter Cream
Hair Butter
Hair Oil

Back  View


Side View


Full Body


Side View



My Simple look just using Chocolate.



My Chocolate Curls has more products that will blow you mind!

You can purchase more of these incredible hair  products by visiting: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MyChocolateCurls or mychocolatecurls.com


Make Valentines Day Really Sweet!