Love and Prayers for London



When attacks like this happens, my heart is numb. Whenever I hear the police sirens my pulse heightens. Life is like a river, even though the water is dirty,  the love for every creature that dwells within it  is everlasting. Never lose hope for peace and pray for those who do you harm. Showing them evil will only give them power, instead don’t let them see you sweat. Walk with grace and love, because you are a royal nation and God will be with us all.

Love your friend at True Vivant.

Spring Jewelry on a Budget with Danna!

It’s Spring time!!! Ok maybe for me, because the Georgia groundhog said it’s spring. Honestly, I am so glad that spring is coming early, because the weather is very unstable. Enough about my weather forecast, let’s talk about spring fashion and how you can get cost effective spring/summer jewelry on a budget without burning a hole in your pocket. The jewelry boutique that I’m talking about flows in the wind like the fresh summer breeze. GiftsbyKarenM creates priceless jewelry that costs only $7 and under $2o!! Karen makes different designs that embracing the beauty of Hawaii, while still  remaining up to date with this spring and summer color trends.


Let’s be honest ladies, bright blues, green gem stones and straight from the ocean sea shells are at the top of the things to get list. GiftsbyKarenM also designs sea glass jewelry and bracelets that you will not find in regular department store. All of these beautiful pieces are made is Hawaii and shipped to you will a purple ribbon and love. Karen M is such a sweet woman and speaking based on personal experience, I feel safe buying more jewelry from her. P.S. HELLO!! Every Jewelry piece are all under 20 dollars. What are you seriously waiting for? Let’s get shopping!



Hawaii Sea Shell Gold Double Hoop Earrings


Here is a close up photo of my earring:



  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Hawaiian shells, Sea shells, Gold wire, Gold plated, Tarnish resistant, Nickel free, Lead free, Gold earring hooks, Wire, Shells, Hoop earrings



Hawaiian Sea Shells Gold plated wire double hoop earrings. The gold plated wire and earring hooks are tarnish resistant and nickel and lead free. These precious Hawaiian shells were hand picked from the beaches of Hawaii. This is a great keepsake gift for someone special! Actual shells may vary. Each pair of earrings is unique!


Here is a video of me trying on the earrings for the first time:



To purchase more of these products visit : to see more creative designs from the great island of Hawaii.




VALENTINES DAY SERIES: Jewelry Gifts for Him

We are here again for another tour across the world! As you can see the Valentines Day series continues with more gift ideas that you can present to your man on Valentines Day without breaking the bank. I believe that you can buy the perfect gift, without having to spend a lot. So let’s start virtual shopping. The next product that your going to see comes from the place that’s at the top of my bucket list. The Jewelry company “Shani & Adi” creates all of there priceless accessories in Israel and all of their jewelry designs has a little piece of the Holy Land within them.

The middle east is known for it’s exotic sceneries and historic landmarks that existed way before us. This is what attracted me to this jewelry company, because they uphold the internal beauty of Israel, while still adding a modern twist. I recently received a beautiful Hebrew inscribed necklace that was made and designed for man, so I decided to bless my other older brother with it. As you read along you will see why I gave him this necklace.


First off, here is the  Hebrew necklace for men created by Shani & Adi:


Necklace for men – men’s necklace with a silver plaque Hebrew sentence: יברכך ה וישמרך which means ‘God bless you and watch over you’. on a silver tone chain and a clasp closure.

Chain material: nickel
Pendant material: silver plated
Chain length: approximately 22 inch. please let us know if you would like a different length.

This necklace is great as a gift for a man or a boy.
All of our jewelry comes wrapped and ready for gift giving!

Here is the packaging:
The necklace felt very light in weight and the design is simple. The process of the shipment didn’t take too long, especially since  it came  from a far. The actual designers at Shani & Adi was hands on in answering any question that I had and updated me on the duration of the shipment.  I don’t have anything bad to say about the company or of their product. I only hope that you too will experience such beauty in their jewelry pieces and I’m not talking about the necklace. Shani & Adi also creates different pendant designs and bracelets. Everyone needs to know that God is with them always, including the man in your life.
Visit their shop for more similar items: and  the official website
Bring the miracles of the Holy Land to your homes today.
With love,

VALENTINES DAY SERIES: Jewelry Gifts for Him

The season of love is in the air and my Valentines Day series will continue until February is over! Love is not just a holiday thing, but an everyday celebration. The last product that we reviewed was a gift for her, but what about that special man in your life? Yes indeed, so let’s talk about some ideas that the man in your life might like. The product featured in our series  is from Celtic Treasures. Their jewelry collection features some of the most unique designs that reflects the true beauty of Ireland, along with symbolizing  spiritual growth.

Here is the beautiful  Star of David Genuine Sodalite gemstone stretch bracelet that I received from Celtic Treasures.


This bracelet was very breathe taking in the online store, but when I received it in the mail it was magical. The color is abstract and still masculine at the same time. Let’s be honest ladies, most of the time guys like to wear red, blue and  black. I’m not saying those colors are terrible, but sometimes you have to switch it up. This is the true reason why Celtic Treasures is the destination for meaningful jewelry for both men and women . The intricate designs are made with marble and wooden beads which is perfect for unisex wear. The Star of David bracelet  blends well  with any dress code and the biblical meaning is a great way to encourage your mate emotionally.


Since this is a men’s bracelet, my older brother is modeling the bracelet for us. He was awarded the bracelet for being our model  and conveniently was his Valentines Day gift:


The Men’s Stretch Bracelet with silver plated Magen David, 6mm and 8mm round genuine Sodalite gemstones

Sodalite: Intelligence, Truth, Self-Esteem

This stone enhances both intelligence and communication, helping us to express our thoughts and feelings clearly and confidently. It instills a drive for truth and helps us remain true to–and stand up for–ourselves. It enhances self-trust self-knowledge, self-esteem, and self-acceptance. It units logic with intuition and enhances spiritual and psychic perception. Sodalite also assists meditation.

Gift boxed with a card on the gemstone properties
Bracelet measures 8″
Custom sizes available upon request

Available in Hematite gemstones


They are many jewelry pieces such as earrings, necklaces and more bracelets for your Madam or Sir this Valentines Day!

Visit to see what lurks in the green field of the North Atlantic.





VALENTINES DAY SERIES: Ib Designs (Island Life)

Now that we’ve kicked off our Valentines Day series, it is now time to move from the beauty section and onto the fashion catwalk. The company called IB Designs is the place for all of your Valentines Days jewelry for your king or queen. The bracelet that I am about to show you is not just any bracelet, this genuine piece of jewelry comes from St Criox in the U.S. Virgin Islands. If you’ve seen my other posts, you will know that I was born and raised in the V.I. The bracelet is called the Gratitude Bracelet. I love a  piece of jewelry  that reflects a deeper meaning.  I had to show you the bracelet in real time, along with a  written review.  Here are actual photos of the most cuties bracelet I have tried on as of this year.


The material of the bracelet is very strong and goes with any outfit.The Gratitude Bracelet is the most recent addition to the IB Designs bracelet collection! Wear as a reminder of all the things you are grateful for in your life. Available in sterling silver, sterling silver and 14kt gold, or 14kt gold.

This bracelet comes engraved with GRATITUDE in the inside center of the band. There is room for customized engraving on each side, this will make your gift personal.




Also, I am taping a new series called Island Life. In this series, I will be creating Island recipes, remedies, DIY projects and much more.

Here is my video review for the Ib Designs  Gratitude Bracelet:



You can purchase more jewelry pieces from:   .

IB Designs creates earthy high end earrings, bracelet, rings and necklaces that will turn your king or queen into island royalty. Have a wonderful Valentines Day preparation time and add IB Designs to your gift list.