Happy Mothers Day!!!! New Week + New Adventures

Happy Mothers Day to every mom in the entire Universe. We thank you and wish you many fun adventures coming soon.

Stay safe and unique!

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Weekend Thoughts : Trusting God When You Do Not Understand in 2018| Ep. 2

As a young black woman, I see how misconceptions, lack of love and understanding can create wars among people and families. Some of us blame each other and God, but why do we?! Think about it…… Do we even understand that God has nothing to do with the shortcomings in our lives? He doesn’t tell us to do wrong to others, we do that. The sooner we come to the point of owning our mistakes and changing our lives, then the world as we know it will dissolve like quicksand.


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Everyday is Mothers Day Gift Ideas: Royal Tea Travels

Now the tour is going international! Let’s be honest, traveling abroad is on the pricey side and the long flights can make your dreams of traveling fade away like the wind. Thankfully, I found the perfect way to have tea, but you can now drink tea as if you were the Queen of England. Just like you, I am also fascinated with the history of the British Royal family, along with the history of many other cultures. So finding a tea set company who sells authentic sets at an affordable price was hard to find until now.


Anne’s Vintage Delights is your destination for having a moment just for you as a woman. Her shop has some of the most intricate designs that will make the perfect gift for the special person in your life. The china is durable and the plate can be used for tea biscuits and many more delicious treats.

This elegant tea set comprising one tea cup, saucer and plate was made by Royal Albert and the pattern is called Silver Maple. The pretty footed cup pairs really well with the soft and delicate pattern of the china.
This tea set  consists of  one tea cup, one saucer and one plate but  they do have more available as well as a matching cake stand.

• The plate measures 6¼ ins / 16 cm across
• The saucer measures 5½ ins / 14 cm across
• The cup is just over 2½ ins / 6.5 cm high

All pieces are in good vintage condition with no obvious wear.

The china will be packed securely with bubblewrap in a postage style cardboard box, sealed with a thank you napkin and the postage seal of the Queen of England.


To make your dreams of traveling abroad a reality, visit:https://www.etsy.com/shop/Annesvintagedelights to see all of the vintage tea sets that will make your moments more than just tea, instead you will have an adventure with each cup. You will be seeing me and my tea set traveling the world very soon. Keep following my blog for more of my Royal Tea Travels.




Love and Prayers for London



When attacks like this happens, my heart is numb. Whenever I hear the police sirens my pulse heightens. Life is like a river, even though the water is dirty,  the love for every creature that dwells within it  is everlasting. Never lose hope for peace and pray for those who do you harm. Showing them evil will only give them power, instead don’t let them see you sweat. Walk with grace and love, because you are a royal nation and God will be with us all.

Love your friend at True Vivant.

Spring Jewelry on a Budget with Danna!

It’s Spring time!!! Ok maybe for me, because the Georgia groundhog said it’s spring. Honestly, I am so glad that spring is coming early, because the weather is very unstable. Enough about my weather forecast, let’s talk about spring fashion and how you can get cost effective spring/summer jewelry on a budget without burning a hole in your pocket. The jewelry boutique that I’m talking about flows in the wind like the fresh summer breeze. GiftsbyKarenM creates priceless jewelry that costs only $7 and under $2o!! Karen makes different designs that embracing the beauty of Hawaii, while still  remaining up to date with this spring and summer color trends.


Let’s be honest ladies, bright blues, green gem stones and straight from the ocean sea shells are at the top of the things to get list. GiftsbyKarenM also designs sea glass jewelry and bracelets that you will not find in regular department store. All of these beautiful pieces are made is Hawaii and shipped to you will a purple ribbon and love. Karen M is such a sweet woman and speaking based on personal experience, I feel safe buying more jewelry from her. P.S. HELLO!! Every Jewelry piece are all under 20 dollars. What are you seriously waiting for? Let’s get shopping!



Hawaii Sea Shell Gold Double Hoop Earrings


Here is a close up photo of my earring:



  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Hawaiian shells, Sea shells, Gold wire, Gold plated, Tarnish resistant, Nickel free, Lead free, Gold earring hooks, Wire, Shells, Hoop earrings



Hawaiian Sea Shells Gold plated wire double hoop earrings. The gold plated wire and earring hooks are tarnish resistant and nickel and lead free. These precious Hawaiian shells were hand picked from the beaches of Hawaii. This is a great keepsake gift for someone special! Actual shells may vary. Each pair of earrings is unique!


Here is a video of me trying on the earrings for the first time:



To purchase more of these products visit :
https://www.etsy.com/shop/GiftsbyKarenM to see more creative designs from the great island of Hawaii.